Lens Potion

The only product in the market that can clean your lens and camera rubber grips by a wipe.

We know how you feel...

When you see the rubber grip of your beloved lens quietly turned white or greyish, you may try to rub it by your finger and hope there is just fine dust.

The persistent white stain drives you to search for the cure.

You may worry if the improvise methods would damage your lens. Yet, you don't want to see your lens getting whiter everyday.

Our Delicate Lens Rubber Cleaner is there to cure your lenses (and cameras).

It is going to impress you and your friends.

It did the trick and cleaned the hand grip of my Canon 5D. The rubber grip is now black as new.

Brian T.

This stuff removes the white stuff likes magic. Wow! I can't believe the white fluid in the pen can turn my lens rubber black and shinny.

AZ, Arizona

我試用過 Lens Potion 清潔筆,效果很好